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ON1 have been working on a range of updates, additions and releases to their photo editing software, this has included changes to ON1 Photo RAW Mobile, ON1 Portrait AI and ON1 Photo RAW 2021. Whilst other posts have focused on ON1 Portrait AI, this specifically focuses on ON1 Photo RAW 2021.

ON1 Photo RAW 2021 can be used as a plugin across a wide range of supported software, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Affinity Photo, Capture One (coming soon), Apple Photos and Corel Paintshop Pro. ON1 Photo RAW 2021. ON1 Photo RAW is a blazingly fast RAW photo editor that enables you to create amazing photos. It is a major component of my photography workflow. You will be thrilled with ON1 Photo RAW. To help you get started, this page has a series of FREE tutorials to get you moving quickly. ON1 Photo RAW 2021. ON1 Photo RAW is a blazingly fast RAW photo editor that enables you to create amazing photos.It is a major component of my photography workflow. You will be thrilled with ON1 Photo RAW.To help you get started, this page has a series of FREE tutorials to get you moving quickly. ON1 Photo RAW version 2021 is THE professional-grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app. It works where you do; at the center of your workflow or as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Affinity Photo, Corel Paintshop Pro, and Capture One (coming soon).

ON1 Photo RAW 2021 is a major upgrade to ON1's flagship product (Photo RAW) which is a professional photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor and effects app which will be available in October 2020. ON1 Photo RAW 2021 from top to bottom will be packed full of new features and performance enhancements. Key new features include the full integration of ON1 Portrait AI, which gives photographers an ultra-fast and state-of-the-art portrait retouching workflow. ON1 Portrait AI gets excellent results automatically with minimal effort using frequency separation based skin retouching. It’s also super easy at making more complex adjustments such as face shape and lighting. Each edit is non-destructive and re-editable for fine-tuning as well, giving photographers complete control over their final look. The addition of ON1 Portrait AI into ON1 Photo RAW will finally enable portrait photographers to retouch an entire shoot automatically, then give them best-of-breed control and results for manual retouching.

ON1 Photo RAW 2021 brings a new and faster method for organizing photos using a “Smart Organize” mode. This feature is the easiest way to find duplicate photos, locate groups of photos from the same shoot or location, and even smartly finds similar looking photos. This is designed to help those who want to speed up their culling, improve their organization or reduce their storage space.


ON1 also rings a new color range selection technology that combines the color and selection technology which is built into the “Perfect Brush” and combines it with flexible gradient masks allowing photographers to make gradient masks which are color sensitive which is great for blending in new skies behind hard to mask subjects like trees and buildings.

Whilst full details on all of the changes is outside of the scope of this article, some of the key features (as provided by ON1);

  • ON1 Portrait AI
    • AI Automatic Retouching for Every Face — Automatically finds each face in your photo, analyses them, and adds just the right amount of retouching, based on your preferences.
    • Independent Adjustments per Face — Each face in your photo has independent controls and adjustments. For example you can use different settings for the bride and groom in a wedding photo.
    • Automatic and Manual Controls — Everything is automatic, but you have full control too. You can manually adjust the eye and mouth positions, paint to refine the skin mask and use brushes to remove stubborn blemishes.
    • Frequency Separation Based Skin Retouching — The skin retouching uses frequency separation to maintain natural skin texture while reducing color and tonal changes across the skin. It creates flawless but natural looking skin.
    • Remove Blemishes — Fine blemishes can be reduced automatically while large blemishes can be removed with the built-in content aware eraser and clone stamp
    • Improve Face Shape and Lighting — Correct common errors in lens choice and lighting by adding fill-light to lighten the face or resculpt the face to thin the jawline or balance out eye size.
    • Enhance Eyes — Eyes are automatically detected and enhanced. The whites can be brightened and the iris can be sharpened.
    • Whiten Teeth — Teeth and lips are detected automatically too. You can easily brighten the smile and adjust the color and saturation of the lips.
    • Batch Processing — Put the AI to work for you by batch processing an entire folder of photos. For each photo, Portrait AI will find each face and add the right amount of retouching automatically. It’s perfect for proofing your photos before delivery.
    • Finds exact duplicates across all your photos
  • Smart Organize
    • Find and group similar photos shot at the same time. Perfect for brackets, sports bursts, or portrait scenes.
    • Find and group photos shot at the same location. Perfect for roving vacations and street photography.
    • Amazingly find photos that look similar to each other. Makes it easy to group and sort through series of photos like portraits of different people.
    • Helps you pick the best in a series and remove or reject the rest
    • Helps you group panorama and HDR brackets
    • Save on storage space
  • Spot Healing Brush
    • Simply paint over a distraction and a matching area of your photo is magically blended on top to replace it.
    • You can adjust the pixels used to hide a distraction and even adjust the opacity and blending after the fact.
    • Two modes to choose from. An intelligent content aware mode that blends seamlessly or a traditional clone stamp mode for aligned cloning on patterns and lines.
    • Syncs quickly across all devices, even your phone and tablet when you have ON1 360.
  • Custom Brush Shapes
    • Tons of new brush shapes included. From hard-edged geometries to make it easier to paint straight edges to organic shapes and even textures to simulate snow, add grass or even enhance eyelashes.
    • New brush controls let you paint naturally. We have added Flow, Angle and Stamping Rate controls. And of course pressure sensitivity works for custom brushes too.
    • Create a preset that stores your brush tip and all the brush properties so you can easily recreate it.
  • Full Screen Preview
  • Quick Slideshow
  • Camera Based Presets
  • Color-Sensitive Gradient Masks
  • Batch HDR and Pano
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Plugin support for Affinity Photo and Corel Paint Shop Pro
  • Color Fill Layers
  • Replace Color Filter

On1 Photo Raw 2021 Vs Lightroom

ON1 Portrait AI is available from the ON1 website at an introductory special for just $59.99 (regularly $79.99). A fully functioning free trial of ON1 Portrait AI 2021 is also available for download today, no credit card required. ON1 Portrait AI will be integrated into ON1 Photo RAW 2021 which is coming in October.

On1 Photo Raw 2021

ON1 has also made ON1 Photo RAW 2021 available for pre-order today. For a limited time, owners of any previous version of any ON1 product can pre-order ON1 Photo RAW 2021 for $79.99, and receive the standalone and plug-in version of ON1 Portrait AI and start using it today. ON1 Photo RAW 2021 can also be pre-ordered with a 1-year membership to ON1 Plus, and also receive ON1 Portrait AI today for just $129.99. ON1 Plus is the #1 training resource for ON1 and photography and includes over 25 courses, ebooks, 100’s of presets and bonuses, and much more.

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On1 Photo Raw 2021 Review

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On1 Photo Raw 2021

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